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Located in the Gulf of Santa Manza in SOUTHERN CORSICA, this 4 star boutique hotel  is at 10 minutes from the town centre of Bonifacio & the Sperone golf course, 20 minutes from Porto Vecchio and only 5 minutes from the beautiful wild beach of Canetto.
This charming hotel will amaze you with its unusual architecture with 10 suites and a Shepherd house with the sea for the horizon with offers you peace and privacy.
Steeped in the fragrance of the maquis, wood and stone, this unique place, both chic and distinctive, will welcome you ‘as if you were at home.’
The four small hotel buildings fit perfectly into the Bonifacio countryside, each of them offering 2 bedrooms nestled among the maquis.
Everything is done to protect your privacy and make your stay even more unique.
Whether a lovebird, keen to chill out, a sun worshipper, a sporty type or party animal, you will love it here no matter what your personality or your mood may be. You will be ‘alone in the world,’ soothed by the greenness of the surrounding countryside.